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Our Services:
 1.carports : Our carports can be custom designed and manufactured in a range of sizes, we can design: bakkie size, to accommodate a twin cab  or  to accommodate a min bus ,and are designed with built in offices, work spaces and vehicle access doors, though the designs are custom made to your requirements.

 2. entrance canopies  : Our steel entrance conpies  are tailored made to meet your needs. We can design these steel structures in various sizes and heights and without using columns or compromising on the strength of the structure, therefore allowing large equipment  to pass . Our prefabricated steel structures can be used for both commercial ,residential areas and industrial purposes and with the custom design we can also include offices, workspaces and vehicle access doors to meet your requirements.
3. Farm Sheds: With our custom designed farm sheds you can have built a shed that meets your every farming need, regardless of the size it will be resilient and high quality. Our farm sheds can have included in the design, things like: grain and food stores, hay and other storage, cow sheds, stables, a timber store, and we can even manufacture part of your farm shed into a rice or wheat mill. Though we specialise in the above, we have the facilities to design and manufacture a wide range of steel structures in a variety of sizes and to meet a range of demands, if you have a specific steel structure in mind that you don’t see here, contact us. Our expert team are always looking for exciting and interesting new projects to design and manufacture, furthermore with their diversity in skills and knowledge, there isn’t much they aren’t able to create.
P I T C H   R O O F   C A R  P O R T S
flat roof  industrial carport erected in the centre of Pretoria CBD : corner Johannes Ramokhoase  and Paul Kruger 
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